My name is Rudy Simone

Welcome to Help for Aspergers. Here you can find Asperger books, in the areas of  Employment, Female Aspergers and Relationships where at least one person is on the spectrum. You will also find lists of Asperger traits, research on possible causes, diet, information on adult diagnosis and more.


The A-Z of ASDs: Aunt Aspie's Guide to Life coming from JKP London, August 2016!!

In addition to my books, I also offer group webinars or one-on-one consultations. I also make the occasional in-person appearance at conferences, and have been a keynote speaker from Seoul to Australia, New Orleans to Canada, UK to California.
I am the author of:
Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome

Winner of the 2010 Independent Publishers Gold Medal!!

Foreword by Liane Holiday Willey

"Aspergirls is an extraordinary read. It is an affirmation of the movement towards understanding AS in females and a celebration of the culture of AS womanhood.  Simone writes with passion, honesty and truth – sharing both the challenges and the joys of a woman’s life on the spectrum through her own observations and the voices of other women.  Importantly, Aspergirls is also for parents, partners, family, clinicians and educators. It is rich with stories and strategies to be read and re-read as reminders, mantras and as a map for embarking on the journey of being a woman with AS. Above all, this is a much-needed book about permission, empowerment, and as Simone so eloquently states, moving beyond the mutism."

Shana Nichols, PhD,  Author of Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Pre-Teen and Teenage Years

Asperger's on the Job

Must-have Advice for People with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism, and their Employers, Educators, and Advocates

Winner of Foreword Review's 2010 Book of the Year Gold Medal!!

Foreword by Temple Grandin


Asperger's on the Job is a great resource for navigating the work place. I was really able to relate to it.  The guides for handling social situations in the office will be extremely beneficial." Temple Grandin, author of Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers


"Asperger’s on the Job is a good book for potential employees to read, but it's essential for employers. A wonderful achievement." Michael John Carley Executive Director GRASP

22 Things a Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man with Asperger’s Syndrome
"22 Things is excellent"--Tony Attwood

"If you love an Aspie, you owe it to yourself to read this book, whether the Aspie you love was diagnosed years ago, recently, or has yet to be diagnosed. Every word in it rings true, and is useful. The author is clinically precise in her descriptions of the drawbacks and advantages of loving a man who is also an Aspie, wonderfully complex and maddening at the same time. She also gives good advice about taking care of your own needs, which you must do, as it is essential to take care of yourself when the the maddening aspects occur (and they will). I wish I had read it years ago." (from the book's reader reviews on Amazon)

22 Things a Woman with Asperger Syndrome Wants Her Partner To Know

 Winner of the 2012 Living Now Book Awards

From the foreword by Professor Tony Attwood:

"While we have considerable literature to help couples where a male partner has the characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome, this is the first book to describe, explore and provide hope and practical advice for a relationship where a woman has these characteristics. Rudy Simone boldly goes where no author has gone before with insight and enterprise. This book will revive and rescue relationships."

a Young Adult fantasy epic.

“Stories of self-discovery and triumph over adversity are as old as humankind, but Orsath is a rarer and more truthful breed of hero than the muscled supermen of popular legend. A flawed and real champion for flawed and real people.” – Jude Starling, author of Goldcord Asylum

"Orsath is an engaging YA fantasy epic in which the main character, the misunderstood young musician Orsath, travels and adventures, trying to understand himself and find a place in the world where he belongs. The book is packed with intriguing and often surreal characters he meets on his journey, some who become friends and some who take advantage of his lack of guile to use him for their own nefarious purposes. It's a well-paced story in an imaginative world skillfully brought to life, told with a quirky humour, and full of action that inspires turning the page to see what will happen next. There's a beautifully-illustrated theme underlying the story about acceptance of others, especially those who are different. It's an appealing and well-told story for YA fantasy readers. The more I read, the more I wanted to read." – Kevin Berry, author of Stim and co-author of three YA humorous fantasy novels by K. D. Berry. 
“This exciting, magical adventure in the world of Orsath, a teen boy misfit of sorts, is a story of courage, strength, heart, talent, and perseverance. Simone's detailed fantasy is riveting from the start. One cannot help but fear for the boy and his constant, loyal companion "Dog", as well as passionately cheer them on in this turbulent, daring journey, rich with the most crooked of enemies and surprising of allies along the way. With tidbits of witty humour and true-to-life emotion, Simone has brought us oddballs and misfits (because, who isn't?) an intriguing vivid portrait of the steadfast determination we have all perhaps faced (whether in secret heroic dreams or unpleasant stark realities) and we see ourselves in the tenacious, yet vulnerable Orsath, as children and adults alike." – Brandy Nightingale, author of Everything’s Hunky Dory: a memoir

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